Colón Theater Expansion in Bogotá, Architectural Competition

Competition Entry: Francisco Pinzón, Luis M. Cepeda, Juan C. Cepeda, Andres Garzón, Wilson Téllez, Miguel Sierra, Diego Parra, Juan G. Yunda

The Colón Theater in the historical center of Bogota, has been the most important venue in the city for performing arts since its foundation in the 19th century. Built as a traditional italian opera, has been a silent witness of the transformation of its surroundings: from the active retail and institutional center of the city during the 1940s to the slow decay of the area in the 1970s; to currently experiencing the revival of the traditional colonial center as a touristic spot and center for the arts and culture. Within the preservation plan of the colonial area, the theater now lies in between two of the most important pedestrian streets that cross the heart of the center: the calles 10th and 11th. This creates an opportunity to transform the site into a block of culture where the public space merges with the traditional colonial “manzana”and connects the expanded venues that will be added to the original italian opera. The project intends to enhance this existing chain of public spaces along the pedestrian streets, and create spaces where the traditional colonial architecture merges itself with the new contemporary proposal. The new auditoriums retreat themselves into a crystal box that multiply the narrow spaces of the colonial grid; while the building is retreated from the street front in order to create a new plaza for performing in the public space.

Role: Team Member

Software: AutoCAD; SketchUP; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Illustrator; MS Office

colon01 colon02 colon03


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Architect, M.Sc. Urban Studies. Interest: Urban Renewal Projects in Colombia, Austria, Germany, China and the U.S.

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