International Seminar 2015 of the Pilot University at Girardot, Colombia


The international seminar of the Pilot University is an interdisciplinary workshop held annually in different locations around the world. This year it was held in the city of Girardot, Colombia, with more than 120 students of architecture and several other fields. I led a group of 30 students investigating the question of identity and heritage in the built environment of the city. Once a thriving river port along the Magdalena river, Girardot, a city of about 150K population went into decay in the second part of the 20th century. Currently is being revitalized as a tourist destination thanks to its warm weather and its proximity to Bogota. Students worked in three different groups, each working in a branch of the same identity question: environmental, heritage preservation and cultural values. Results included a holistic urban intervention in the polluted mouth of the Bogota river; a public space project to organize street vendors in the center;  and a renovation of the city’s food market, – located in a listed modernist building, designed in the 1950s by architect Leopoldo Rother.

Role: Adjunct Professor

Software: N/A

Students: Johanna Jaramillo, Andrés Leguizamón, David Méndez, Pablo Uricoechea, Jennifer Santos, David Tabares, Jenny Triviño, Jesika Burgos, Eliana Murcia, Jarinson Vargas, Andrés Castillo, Sandra Suárez, Sergio Gómez, Jessica Arévalo, Felipe Chaparro, Michelle Castillo, Andrés Gaona, Juliana Palacios, Paola Velásquez, David Carrascal, Gina Sarmiento, Luisa Rivera, Alejandro Arévalo, Sara Prieto, Iris Bustos, Felipe Fuentes, Alejandro Triana, David Ciceri






About juanyunda

Architect, M.Sc. Urban Studies. Interest: Urban Renewal Projects in Colombia, Austria, Germany, China and the U.S.

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